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Posted on February 7, 2014

HTML notes: and after a week and a half, I have colors, a background, text is no longer flushed to the borders, and I've just figured out how to insert indents and padding to the left and right. That's something, right? There're still no comments, since that requires knowledge of databases... Which I don't have yet. Getting there.

So, yesterday as we were driving, Sterling Parmer made one of his deep statements. It's a bit strange because they come one every four sentences or so, and about two parts of those four are general silliness, and the last quarter is roughly normal stuff. Anyways. Back to the story.

His statement was about church signs and started with "Who comes up with these things on church signs?" if I remember correctly. I had to turn my head to look at the sign that prompted the outburst, expecting some horrible pun worthy of myself, Peter, or Abigail Bolen. (In other words, a really, really bad pun. And yes, Abigail, yours are just as bad as ours.) It wasn't; instead, it was a sign basically decrying a particular sin without even a hint of a pun in it. I can't remember the ensuing conversation perfectly, but Sterling argued with Royce that something just... bothered him about it, though he couldn't explain what it was. (We were interrupted. He might've been able to explain if he had time.)

After mulling over it, and realizing that it also bothered me, I think I figured out why. We're currently studying John 13 in the mime team, and one of the key verses that's fairly well known is that "By this shall all men know you are my disciples, if you show love one to another." That's it. It's not said that Christ's disciples should be known by their righteousness: the Pharisees were more "righteous" than we could ever be, and they certainly weren't Christ's disciples.

So why in the world do churches try to make themselves stand out with that type of signs that basically say that they're more righteous than the world? It's not the defining characteristic of a church!

But... Having love one for another. This is probably going to be the subject of the next few of my posts, and I'll start by defining "love." As usual, talking about the love whose Greek word is Agape, (Pronounced like escape a la Dory, looks like escape... You guys know what I mean, I think.) God love, if you use the terminology given to us by Joshua Shelor during Discipleship week at Bethel.

The definition that many people have heard is the whole "You before me" sctick. I don't actually prefer to use this definition because of the point C.S. Lewis (I think?) brought up: we're told to love our neighbors as ourselves, and it's pretty nonsensical to put ourselves in the first definition. "Me before... me" doesn't quite work. At all. I'll generally be using the definition that Lewis gives in Mere Christianity, that to love someone is to desire that person's betterment/what is best for that person.

There're problems with this definition too, I admit. The element of sacrifice isn't exactly in it, though it's a great part of agape love. But that's for another time. I'll just end with this: "Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God, and every one that loveth is born of God and knoweth God." ~1 John 4:7, KJV


Posted on January 28, 2014

Hi. Paul Quek here.
So, this looks like this is going to be the beginning of this blog; there's three reasons I can think of for why this is starting.

  1. Practicing HTML code; all this is written directly in HTML, and you may have noticed I kinda-sorta deleted all the original HTML, thus the essentially blank white page with no comment section or anything.
  2. Giving myself a reason not to quit updating and fixing my HTML code, since said white page is kinda-sorta embarrassing, and I'd rather have the thing tricked up ASAP
  3. I haven't written anything for real for around a year now, and I really, really miss doing so. Math proofs don't count. At all.

Anyways. I... suppose I'll do the whole "introduce myself plus... debatably interesting things about myself" that seems to be popular. Plus I don't have the ability to create an "About me" sections from pure HTML yet. Plus I get to use another list, so why not?

So. Let's do this. "Who am I?"

Um, seriously now. Somewhat. (Amusings IS there in the title for a reason. Even if I amuse nobody but myself.)

  1. I am extraordinarily picky about what movies I consider good movies. Story before anything else, and most movies just don't have good stories.
  2. Actually, apply the above to basically any sort of medium. Books, serial comics, fanfictions, whatever.
  3. I don't comprehend Chinese past a 3-year-old's understanding, despite having black hair and relatively yellow-ish skin.
  4. Some may argue I don't comprehend ENGLISH past that level, and at times, I think that's a fair assumption.
  5. My favorite animal is and has been a pig ever since I was... Five, I think? Four? Three? Ever since my mother read Charlotte's Web to me. The collection of stuffed pigs I've received since still remains on my bed. (And Piggle, my first, has a small throne made of Peter's K-nex.)
  6. I'm the type of person that can mull on an idea, figure out logically that it's a terrible, terrible idea... And then go and do it anyways because it MIGHT not be as bad as I thought. (This typically doesn't work out in chess, just so you know.)
  7. Helping my friends to succeed in their goals makes me more satisfied than succeeding in my own.
  8. I hate watching sports of all types. Football? Nope. Baseball? Don't even know the names of the teams. Basketball? Nope. Golf? I'd rather go into a coma or something. And don't even talk about watching bowling.
  9. Playing sports, on the other hand, I find fun as long as it's a team game. Bowling is still not up for consideration.
  10. I'll eat basically anything besides things with "blood" in its name, anything with durian in it, and... Well... That's it, I guess.
  11. I've been known to determine what day of the week it is by what webcomics have or have not updated that day.
  12. The book of Romans is easily my favorite book in the Bible, and my namesake my favorite author.
  13. Speaking of favorite authors... Orson Scott Card is my favorite author for fiction books. Wonderful characterizations and good storytelling while including his view of the world in it.
  14. I don't really have any clue of what I want to do in the future. It's an issue.
  15. I'm probably one of the most introverted people you'll find without actually having a psychological problem.
  16. I never seem to end up truly mastering anything - whenever I get close, I find something else that's I'm incompetent in, and I drop whatever I'm moderately good at to fix this incompetence. Rinse and repeat.
  17. If I had to learn to fight with medieval/fantasy weapons, I'd use a rapier and a parrying or throwing dagger.
  18. My attention can almost always be distracted by a sufficiently complex strategy game.
  19. I've been to three different countries in living memory: Canada, Singapore, and the US.
  20. A sinner, saved by grace.

Well, that's it for now... Feel free to commen- wait, never mind. I don't know the coding for that yet. Time to figure out more HTML goodies.